Youtube issue on H1

  • @Mamuang said in Youtube issue on H1:

    I use airplay I got really strange co

    Hi Dear, how about casting via iPhone?

  • unfortunately the support for device is bad! youtube is not working asking for updates on google play with also cannot be updated!!!
    we need fast firmware updates

  • @petre i update wit one of the link you posted and a message pop up all the time about international software etc

  • @chloe-zhao Hi, I don't know, I don't use Apple iPhone or iPad, only Macbook Pro.

  • @petre There are more limits for android based system, and H1 has AOSP system, we have been trying to optimize it already, the google service requires higher version of android system, but it needs the optimization on both software & hardware, which can't be fixed via a simple firmware update.

    For now, you can download " smart youtube tv" from aptoide, then you can use youtube again, please check.

  • @Ari YouTube is working fine for me after a simple factory reset. There is this "Smurf" or blue tint issue when watching videos on the web for me. I don't think this is a hardware problem as it has not been an issue for me in the past, and all the colours in the LED are working fine, this has been tested when running videos through HDMI. Hopefully this is some help for those whose YouTube is not working and for you. Hopefully you guys at the XGIMI team can get this fixed asap, as this is one of the biggest reason we decided to buy a smart projector. Please update us asap.

  • @James Hi James,

    Yes our tech team has been working on that. That's why I asked to download the " Smart Youtube TV" to use the youtube before it gets fixed. 🙂

  • Hi how long should takes the upgrade?

  • @balas you mean the firmware update from the link I shared? About 10 minutes.
    If you mean the update via OTA, I can't tell this for now, cause it's related to the technics, test process & certification process, we need more time for that.

  • Hello @Ari

    Appreceiate your help and support and hats off to you guys for caring about your customers and still releasing patches and updates. Yes Like you mentioned I reverted back to v1.5.3 and everything is working fine except for youtube for which Im using "Smart Youtube TV".
    Do you think you guys can release the sourcecode of v1.5.3 so that other developers can also work on the future upgrades? Moreover its quite an old model and only few customers are left.

  • @Ari

    Youtube on our H1 projector did not work very well so We downloaded that patch you recommended. Unfortunately our projector frozen up during the upgrade.
    We were trying to reboot it from usb. I mean We kept button "play" for few second etc. Projector could see the usb and is showing message: " do not turn off..." etc but it keept freezing up every time.
    Our projector does not work at all right now. We are not able to go into the menu.
    Any advise

  • @VikramBharadwaj Hi dear, happy new year.

    Hmm by saying the other developers, could you please be more specific? But it since it's related to the build-in system, sorry we can't do this. 😞

    The current system is AOSP, it also need the optimization on both software and hardware, not just a simple firmware update, please know we would also try our best to offer a better using experience if we can.

  • @balas Hi dear,

    Good day. So can you turn on the projector now if you don't do the firmware update?

    Please try the firmware from the below link-it's the original 1.5.3 version.
    Then use the "Smart Youtube TV" from aptoide

  • @Ari hi is working now ! I just bought new USB stick ....thanks for advise. We are happy to use it again 🙂

  • @balas Great to know that, please let me know if you need any help. 🙂

  • Hello. I downloaded and installed software from your link. YouTube start working, but video player on google chrome start working incorrectly!!! People skin right now is green!!!! What I need to do?

  • @Ari I got a same problem!!! How i can to fix that, any another software ?

  • @dimalazutin Hi dear, could you please try the "Smart Youtube TV" downloaded from aptoide?

  • @Ari hello. I already installed new sw from your link!!! YouTube is work ok, but in browser video player showing incorrect picture colors! What we need to do?

  • @dimalazutin Does it happen to the "Smart Youtube TV" from aptoide?

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