H1 Randomly turns the image off

  • I am having a strange problem with my H1. Since a few days the image suddenly stop projecting. I mean, I am watching a film and spontaneanly the image dissapears but the sound and the projector is still working. Like if I was using the available option to turn only the image off. Then I have to turn the projector off and restart again. Sometimes this operation fix it but sometimes I have to turn it on several times.

    Yesterday I have reseted by factory. Everything went ok but when I was setting the projector all went blank again. Finally I was able to do it and it was properly working for almost 4 hours. Eveything is a little strange. This is happening since a week ago. Randomly, sometimes just after turn it on others after a few minutes.

    I don't think is gonna be the temperature because it is cool, 48 º Celsius and I dind’t receive any temperature message. All is a little strange because even when the image dissapear I can hear the movies or go throw menus... Any ideas what the problem is or any way to solve it?.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @ruleitor Hi sorry for the late reply.

    Please email to service@xgimi.com together with the S/N of your H1, I'll check it for you, please don't worry. 🙂

  • @Ari I have just send you an email with the required information.

  • @ruleitor - I am facing the same issue. What was the fix ? Could you please share the procedure ?

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