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  • Hi
    First of all Halo is a great product !
    I'm the happy owner since 1month and I still enjoy it but one of the few irritating things is the little lag between video and audio on some content (especially directly streaming live events). The voice is slightly before the picture (up to 0.5s) but is enough to be very annoying. This behavior is not present on my other android devices streaming the same content.
    The question is - is there any (hidden?) option to make synchro between video and audio ?

  • @gol70

    Hey Greg,

    Had a similar issue with my Mogo Pro.

    Maybe it will help you out,

  • @Norbert interesting, thanks. I moved my projector the other day and started using side projection and noticed amazon prime has a slight delay. Will have to move it back!

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  • I would also like to see an audio sync control. This would allow me to use bluetooth speakers. Right now, trying to use bluetooth has a 1.5 - 2 second delay with the speaker literally sitting on top of the halo.

  • @WareWolf Hi, thanks for your support.
    What's the brand of your Bluetooth speaker?
    And which apps were you using to play videos? It happens to all apps?

  • This same issue is present in my Mogo Pro. It's a universal issue for all apps, audio preceding the video.

  • @ericmoolin Hi, good day.
    The stability &performance of Bluetooth connection varies from different brands as well. Please tell me more details so that our tech team can test it via Halo & Mogo series for more details.

  • In my case the audio is not playing over bluetooth. I would understand an audio delay if I was using bluetooth, most bluetooth audio output suffers from a delay, I don't think it's worth your companies effort to focus on that. The audio offset I experience on my Mogo Pro is the audio playing <1ms earlier than the video. So technically the video is delayed. It's small, but noticeable. I believe the cause way be connected to the fact that I tilt my projector down (keystone correction). Instead of trying to test and make tweaks, it might be more helpful for your tech team to add an option in the sound menu to DELAY the audio by anywhere from 0.1 to 2.0 ms. This way everyone could tweak their own audio fix depending on how much of a offset they are experiencing. Again, the issue is not the audio delaying (this would be much harder to fix I believe), but the audio coming too early.

  • @ericmoolin Your experience and mine are different. The audio over bluetooth is a delayed sound, not ahead of the video. Using my JBL bluetooth speakers is about 1.5 second, not ms, delay.

    I agree with you though, that rather than have Xgimi try and tune it, a menu selector would probably be the best answer so we can all manage our own.

  • @Ari JBL Charge 3

  • @Ari several people have noted the issue of audio playing ahead of video. Is this something your team is looking into or developing a solution for?

  • @ericmoolin Hi good day.
    We did get similar feedback from other customers as well, the audio lag when play videos via installed apps like prime video or disney+. It might be caused from the decode error. We shall fix it in the next firmware update which will be released before Christmas. Please be patient.

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