Amazon Prime Video, Plex and other basic services on H2 or Z6

  • Any estimation on the date? Thanks!

  • @kukomiguel
    We would keep you posted here.

  • @chloe-zhao any update on this

  • @kukomiguel Hello, I just wanted to tell my experience with the H2, apart from that I am excited about the fact that it is true that I would like a real update to arrive but while I have managed to watch NETFLIX and Amazon prime video. Downloading aptoide, not the aptoide app that brings from origin if not a normal one like the one I would install on a mobile, from this new aptoide I have been able to download the oldest versions of Netflix and Amazon prime video that I have found since our system uses the Android version 6.0 and it seems that if they are compatible with our system or have them unattended. At the beginning they find it difficult to start but insisting in the end they do it and when you manage to make them start you will no longer have any problem. I also wanted to tell you that through a device called mygica and they are small as a matchbox that I acquired at Amazon I have managed to watch live TV without having to have Internet. This works for me in my country Spain. I don't know if it will work in other countries since I'm not an expert, I hope this can help you until the long-awaited update comes out.

  • Please provide upgrade!! 6 months with the system and still no Amazon PrimeVide, HBO or Plex!!

  • @chloe-zhao it is March already. 3 months went by and still no update.

    Iโ€™m not able to watch HBO or Amazon prime on my H2 or Z6. Can you provide a committed date? If you donโ€™t Iโ€™m going to return the products.


  • Hi because of the lack of response and because I see no intention on fixing the issue, I have requested the return of the product to Amazon.

    By the way, as the system is not able to play content from HBO, Amazon prime, Netflix, etc.. by itself, a workaround would be to use a Firestick (Why not buy dumb cheaper projector instead), but if you use the xgimi wallmount, the fire stick doesnt fit between the projector and the wall.. )

    So the best solution is to request a refound and wait for a better product with Google TV to come out.

    Bad, really bad suport ZXGIMI. 1 year waiting for a solution. I have 3 XGIMI projectors. It is not a way to treat a loyal customer.

  • @kukomiguel Hi dear, really sorry to hear that.

    But I have to explain.. this is not a technical issue, those apps require the authorization, no brand can play Netflix content without their certification, and that's what we've been working on. And after we actually finished the BD process, we'll be proud to announce you the fully release of the required apps, when XGIMI is stronger in overseas market.

  • Hi everyone,

    I thought I would help anyone looking for a solution for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix since I have them working on my Xgimi Z6. I hope it works with everyone else. It is working right now and I hope it won't be blocked soon. I do not have HBO so unfortunately I can't check if there's any workaround. So here are the steps :

    1. Get rid of any other version of Netflix or Prime Video you tried to install.
    2. Download the following versions of the apps from here. In case you don't trust the files I'm sharing, find an apk mirror and get netflix apk version 4.16.4 and Prime Video 3.0.273 (Do not look for the android TV version but for the regular android version).
    3. Copy the files on a USB stick. (In case you downloaded the files I shared nothing to do, otherwise you need to change the extension ".apk" in ".apk.1" before copying)
    4. Open & install the apps from the USB (Open as --> Others --> Package Installer (select from the dropdown list "Open with")
    5. Enjoy and let me know if it has worked for you !


  • @Staivh I just received my H2 yesterday and was very excited to find this thread. Unfortunately I installed both APK and none of them worked with the H2 with firmware 1.3.4 ๐Ÿ˜ž After 20 seconds of playing or so Netflix gives an error 13. The Xgimi H2 would be such a great projector if there would be way to get Netflix supported ๐Ÿ˜ž





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