Hi everyone, I thought I would help anyone looking for a solution for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix since I have them working on my Xgimi Z6. I hope it works with everyone else. It is working right now and I hope it won't be blocked soon. I do not have HBO so unfortunately I can't check if there's any workaround. So here are the steps : Get rid of any other version of Netflix or Prime Video you tried to install. Download the following versions of the apps from here. In case you don't trust the files I'm sharing, find an apk mirror and get netflix apk version 4.16.4 and Prime Video 3.0.273 (Do not look for the android TV version but for the regular android version). Copy the files on a USB stick. (In case you downloaded the files I shared nothing to do, otherwise you need to change the extension ".apk" in ".apk.1" before copying) Open & install the apps from the USB (Open as --> Others --> Package Installer (select from the dropdown list "Open with") Enjoy and let me know if it has worked for you ! Cheers