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  • Baccalaureate Academy is one of the leading institutes in the world which provide proficient and skilled IB tutors to support DP, MYP and PYP students. With the progress in technology, education system has undergone rapid progress like never before, so has done Indian Education System. Today, Indians constitute the biggest global Diaspora in the world. Thus, the trend of opting higher education and pursuing a fruitful career with an aim to settle abroad, has led Indian Education system to focus more on International curriculums like IB (International Baccalaureate) & IGCSE. Indian Education System has long been based on two major curriculums i.e. CBSE & ICSE, besides different state board curriculums. As IB curriculum is recognized worldwide, it is fast becoming a first preference for education amongst Indian students and their parents. Thus, with the rise in emergence of IB schools, demand for IB coaching classes and exclusive IB tutors have also seen a rise nationwide. Students studying in IB schools need a separate guidance in their education as IB curriculum tends to be vast and difficult at times notably science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

    IB Tuition
    Baccalaureate Academy has taken the initiative to offer the best IB tuition to students looking for effective expert guidance at affordable fees not only in India but worldwide. Baccalaureate Academy is an institution that is the destination for such needy students, and we take pride in our broad faculty of IB tutors who have decades of teaching experience in IB and IGSCE schools abroad. Baccalaureate Academy uses highly integrated technology 3D visual representations and video libraries, which are utilized by our specialized IB tutors in explaining difficult concepts & theories to students during coaching sessions. Thus, by adopting technology-oriented teaching methods, our IB tutors have successfully left behind the traditional book-centric learning otherwise. We ensure our students get the best guidance and learning that would help them to score the highest grades in their crucial IB exams. Our IB tutors are expert in their specific fields and subjects, thus they know which parts of the specific topics are very important to understand. Therefore, they use innovative tutoring methods to guide students that make the sessions fun and interactive compared to the tedious sessions in regular school classes attended by our students.

    Our IB tutors who have been yesteryear toppers and aluminous of renowned IB schools, plus they have a deeper insight into the understanding level of each student, hence they provide their students with customized notes and study materials that are not available in the mainstream market.

    IB Tutor (One to One)
    Baccalaureate Academy has the facility to provide one to one IB tutor for the students who need personal attention to make the learning faster. Out IB tutors take up a topic and teach every bit of its content, with thorough and additional information making it an active session involving their students into the discussion. After every topic completed, our exceptionally skilled IB tutors take up frequent tests and hand over assignments based on it, to our aspiring students. Through these tests, our highly efficient IB tutors assess the strengths and weaknesses of these students which are based upon their performance in those tests and assignments. After this, our IB tutors conduct a separate query clearing session where students can openly clear their queries related to the particular topic. If the student has opted for a one-to-one coaching then he or she can clearly ask questions without any hesitation, or if your child has been attending group coaching sessions, then do not worry, he will have his fair chance to clear the doubt as our experienced IB tutors focus upon each student and help them to communicate freely. Our IB tutors encourage every student to speak about their queries in group coaching sessions that helps every introvert student to come out of his shell. Hence, in this way, every student equally get the much needed ultimate attention of his IB tutor, because we at Baccalaureate Academy believe that encouraging every student to communicate without hesitation, brightens their personality necessary to score better not only in school exams, but also later in their life when they are of age to go abroad and pursue higher education or settle there.

    In addition to understanding their prodigy’s strengths and weaknesses in a specific subject, the regular tests, assignments and worksheets, Our IB tutors emphasize the practicing of past year questions papers and solved test papers that enable a student to understand the question patterns and answering style of it. Any change in the syllabus or question paper pattern, is informed to the students and our IB tutors work hard to guide the students to answer the questions accordingly. Hence, our professionally trained IB tutors stay updated on every minor change in the IB curriculum.

    Online IB Tuition
    Our highly accomplished IB tutors have substantial experience in taking online IB tuition for all grades of International Baccalaureate students. Our avid IB tutors also offer online One- to one and Group coaching sessions to students worldwide via Skype. Students can opt for free demo sessions first and then decide whether to proceed with us or not. We schedule the timings of online coaching sessions of every student according to his convenience. We assure, once you get the coaching experience in our demo class, you will surely choose to attend our online or offline classes regularly. Our pro IB tutors use effective real time examples to reach out to different kinds of learners and analyze their student’s capacity to understand in multiple ways.

    Hereby, our adroit IB tutors play a key role of a mentor and advisor. Our IB tutors consider this a responsibility to update the parents on progress report of their children regularly, thus our teachers are highly approachable for parents as well.

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