Random lags and hangs

  • Hi!

    I just got a brand new Mogo Pro on Prime Day. I set it up and updated the system to the last version.

    I'm experiencing random lags and hangs in every app I've tried in the proyector: Dazn, Plex, Youtube... I start to watch something and after some time (5-15 minutes) the system starts to lag with cuts both in video and audio (sometimes the video freezes but the audio continues). The system becomes unresponsive, it doesn't respond to commands from the remote control. After sometime (1-2 minutes) the system usually returns to the home screen and it becomes responsive again.

    I've tried to cast some content through the apps in my phone (Dazn, Youtube) to the integrated chromecast and it happens the same. After sometime the system starts to lag and finally hangs.

    I've also tried to watch something through the HDMI input using my laptop and same stuff. In 5'-15' the reproduction stops working and the system returns to the home screen.

    I've reset the device twice with no luck.

    For me it's clear that it's not an application related problem, it's a problem that affects the whole system, because the same thing happens with internal apps, chromecast or hdmi.

    I was just going to return the projector to Amazon but I've discovered the Facebook group and I've seen there a post where 3 members complain about the same problem (post from Daniel Marco Celotti on October 15th).

    Are more people affected?

    I would love if this is just a firmware problem and I get to keep my Mogo Pro 😉

    Thanks for any help!





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