Mogo Pro Audio sync offset

  • I've noticed that regardless of which app I use to stream video, the audio seems to play about 1/10th of a second early compared to the video. I did see another topic discussing this problem that explored the idea that the processing delay of the image (perhaps caused by angling the projector) might be the culprit for this problem. I was hoping that a manual solution could be provided to users. Example, an option within the sound menu to globally delay audio output by 0.x seconds or milliseconds. I have seen this feature on some android tv based televisions, so I'm hoping this is something your team could implement.

  • I also would like an audio offset control. Trying to use a bluetooth speaker is painful because of the 1.5-2 second delay for the audio after the video.

  • @WareWolf I wouldn't get your hopes up, bluetooth audio delay is common in most devices. Your speaker and the Mogo would both have to use a specific standard of bluetooth in order to have no delay, and even then there is no guarantee.

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