Improvement to the Halo

    1. App controlled vs having to use a remote. Remotes can be lost and are an additional item to carry.
    2. Ability to recharge using USB-C: This would massively improve portability as it would not require to carry a power brick around.
    3. Protective shutter: Again, if you carry it in your bag, being able to protect the lens would be a bonus
    4. True bluetooth speaker mode: turning the LED off is a poor substitute for having a power optimised solution which bypasses the OS and gives 15-20 of playbacks.
    5. NETFLIX
    6. Ability to juice it up using a powerbank
    7. Automatic horizontal Keystone ajustment: the screen is wonky unless the lens is perpendicular to the wall.

  • @duncan Hi, thanks for your feedback:

    1. you can use your phone to control Halo projector: Mobile Remote--

    2. a power bank can be used to charge Halo as well. Halo offers DC port for charging, and 19V 4.74A is required for normally running. So if your power bank can output this specs, it can be used to charge Halo.

    3. we'll release Halo carry case soon, welcome to join Halo group for more details:

    4. please check your last post for further verification.

    5. guide video for Netflix: XTV manager--

    6. Checked

    7. Halo support auto vertical keystone correction and manual horizontal correction. Due to the hardware limits, the auto horizontal Keystone is not available for now, but the manual corection allows you to adjust the image from every angles:

    1. Its not quite the same. It requires a wifi connection and lacks a lot of the functionality of the remote (volume, power button, settings missing)
    2. I mean doubling the USB port as an alternative charging port such that I can go on holiday, forget the power brick and use my friend's UBS-C mobile charging power-cord
    3. Ok but built-in shutter would be superior
    4. I don't think I can get 20+ hours .... testing now
    5. Ok
    6. High capacity power banks that people carry around with them tend to be 5V at 3A, it would be cool it could take that.
    7. Ok

    ***Please note that I think this is an AMAZING product and I do love it however if you need to use it as a bluetooth speaker and be ultra portable (i.e. chuck it in your backpack) then it falls a little short. If the above were implemented, nobody would consider the competition. ***

  • @duncan Hi,

    Thanks for everything, and we'll surely check all the feedback from loyal customers and optimize it in the further update, please stay tuned.

    1. We'll be working on a new phone app for projectors, that would take time for more testing process, please be patient. 🙂
    2. USB port can only be used for phone charging or USB disk. It can't offer the required voltage and current.
    3. Same reason--Halo needs 19V 4.74A for normal running, that's why. And Halo's brightness feature needs enough power for a better viewing.

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