Using Halo as a bluetooth speaker

  • Hi there,

    Is it possible to use the Halo as a bluetooth speaker without having the fan blowing? I understand that you can turn the LED off but the system is still running and the battery drains really quickly.

    The battery still drains really quickly as a result. a 17000 mAh battery used for sound should last a long time but it doesn't owing to the power hungry fans running at full blast eventhough the LED is off.

    Thanks in advance.


  • @duncan Hi, thanks for your support.

    The fan needs to run for the cooling system while the projector is working, so it won't lead to the overheat issue.
    But when it's used as Bluetooth speaker, it does last for hours, may I ask your using environment? And external devices connected?

  • Hi Nothing connected, it is out of the box.

    The Anker Nebula Mars II will last 30h on bluetooth speaker mode. I expected similar performance or higher given that the battery is 50% greater than that of the Anker.

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