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    About the battery time ... I bought a new Mogo Pro a few days ago. It works fantastic but the battery time is a little poor ... around 1:30h. I read most people getting around 2 hours in Standard mode (Battery saving mode really reduces the quality).

    Checking this video trying to find the remaining battery percentage on Android TV => I can see that even when leave the Mogo connected all the night, the percentage tops to 75%. Is this normal?. Do I need to shutdown completely to get the 100%?

    Thanks regards

  • @yagopv Hi dear, good to have you here. Thanks for your support.

    Mogo pro would last around 2 hours, please check the using environment:

    1. 60% volume
    2. built-in app playing
    3. no external devices connected, such as HDMI/USB/Bluetooth devices

    Please do charge it for 3-5 hours when you start to use it. 🙂

  • Hey

    Thanks for answering. "built-in app playing" means no netflix or prime video ?? Because i'm streaming from there


  • @yagopv Nope, I mean you can use the apps installed on Mogo series to play videos, not like to cast or mirroring from other external devices. 🙂

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