Problems playing movie files from USB stick

  • Hi support team,

    I bought a new Halo projector this week and invited some friends to watch a movie today outside (No WiFi - just a movie file on USB stick).

    The USB stick is a high quality original Samsung 256GB stick (File system: exFAT)

    The movie file is in the .mkv format. VLC is able to play it.

    The firmware is up to date! (Kernel Version: 4.9.113 Build: PI.2.2.22)

    Problem: After a while (between 40min to 1hour) the movie hungs up. It is only possible to resume the movie when removing the USB stick and plugging it in again.

    Is this a known bug? How can I use USB playback properly?

    I am already a fan of this projector, but if you cannot help me I will return it next week to manufacturer...

    Thanks in advance,

  • « j'ai invité des amis à regarder .. », et le confinement alors!!!

  • Update 25.04.2020:

    I tried a NTFS file system as well. Same problem, the film hangs. This time after 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    File size of the movie is 8GB. But that’s not a lot these days. Most of my films are over 50GB.

    It's so frustrating... I want to keep the projector, but it's crap. A portable projector that is not able to play a movie offline from USB stick stably is not really usable.

    Please help me.


  • @flo199213 said in Problems playing movie files from USB stick:

    Hi Florian, thanks for your support and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Could you please email me together with the projector S/N? you can find it at the button of projector. I would check this issue for

  • @Ari Thank you for your reply! I sent you an email message with the serial number of my projector.

  • @flo199213 checking~





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