Halo Cannot Joint Captive Portal WiFi

  • Many hotels and public spaces and business have wifi connections that require you to "log in". It usually consists of being redirected to a page where you enter credentials or agree to terms and conditions before fully joining the network or getting access. These are commonly referred to as captive portal wifi connections. The Halo is unable to join these networks. It sees the network but cannot finish the necessary tasks to satisfy the captive portal. The Amazon Fire Stick 4K is able to do this as well as some other devices. It's important to be able to do this in order to connect to wifi at businesses and hotels since this is a portable projector. Right now the only solution is to call their tech support line and try to get them to add the MAC address to their system so the Halo can access the network. Please fix this ASAP in the next software update. It's very important for business and personal use. Thanks.

  • @MB Hi dear, thanks for your support. Halo does support this wifi signal, you just need to input your account name and password at the verification page. Could you please try it again?

  • I tried it multiple times at a Hilton hotel. I believe they use the same wifi system at all their hotels (It looked and worked the same as other Hiltons I had stayed at recently). After you find and try to join the wifi network the Halo never opens the browser window required to accept the terms and conditions and enter the room number in order to finish joining the network. This is required to finish the wifi connection with captive portal networks. It leaves the Halo with no internet access on the network.

  • @MB have you tried with other similar wifi? or you only tried with Hilton ones?

  • @Ari I have not gotten a chance to try it somewhere else. I will try to use it at a library or something. It's difficult as everything is closing around here due to the virus going around.

  • @MB True, I would check this with our team as well. And please do stay safe. 🙂

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