Vudu Android TV app only offers SD streams

  • I can only get SD streams to show up inside the Vudu Android TV app from the Google play store on the Halo projector. Why can't I get HD or 4K streams? On Chromecast I can get better streams but I was hoping not to need a stick or additional device. It's hard to use Chromecast at hotels sometimes.



  • @MB Hi Mat, Halo has 1080P resolution and it supports up to 4K video source indeed, Halo also has build-in Chromecast, no need of other external devices. So could you please contact me on FB? You can send me some more detail, I might guide you to check further setup.

  • I just purchased a Halo projector. Upon using the Vudu app on the Halo, I can only play the videos in Standard definition. I have no option to change to HDX (which is 1080P for Vudu). The vast majority of my movie/tv purchases (over 470) are through my Vudu account. When I use the Movies Anywhere app, which is linked to all my video accounts, I can play the same videos in 1080P. That would be fine to only use Movies Anywhere app but due to licensing from studios I cannot play over 150 movies and all my tv shows that I purchased on Vudu. Looks like this issue has been going on for over 6 months according to the first post here. Is there an issue here that is going to be fixed or am I needing to return this projector?

  • @krhjr Hi,

    Good day. For the app issue, it might not be a technical issue. If it's a license limited app, then we would need to do the BD process with the third party platforms. Just like the Prime videos app, the good thing is we've finished the BD process of Prime video, it's native on Projector now.. But the BD process is a long term issue, have you tried to cast?

    Please stay tuned, sure we'll get it with the support from loyal customers like you.

  • Ow, that's cool...

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