Halo outputs screeching noise as audio over HDMI under certain conditions

  • When connected to a Sony Blu Ray player the Halo began outputting screeching audio when the disc started playing. It only did this during movie previews on the disc. The audio of the actual movie was correctly played. This happened with two different Blu Ray discs I tested. The Blu Ray player works fine connected to a TV. Also please add a Halo category to the forum.



  • @MB Hi dear, good day.

    So it only happens when connected to HDMI? If so, please change the audio to stereo, it shall be fine.

    And this issue would be fixed in the next firmware update which would be released in a few days.

    Halo category added. 🙂

  • @Ari Yes it only happened when a Sony Blu Ray player was connected by HDMI and it was only during the previews on the disc. The movie audio on the disc played fine. I do find the audio level to be a little bit low over all, I don't know if it's capable of any louder sound or if that is the true hardware limit of the speakers and driver board. Thank you for the advice about setting it to stereo. I don't know what the blu ray player was set to. I will look forward to the fix in the firmware update. I also wanted to agree with the request to see the battery percentage and if possible estimated time left but at least the percentage without having to leave a chromecast stream or go to the main menu to see the battery percentage.



  • @MB It happens to the preview only? Could you please attach me the record via email? I'll check it for you--- service@xgimi.com

    For the battery, sorry to say Halo needs the optimization in hardware as well to get the accurate battery percentage, we shall optimize it in the future mode, appraciate your understanding. Please do let me know if you have any other ideas. 🙂

    BTW, the new firmware would be released later today, please check then. 🙂

  • @Ari I emailed a video of the audio problem over HDMI with the previews on a Blu Ray disc.

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