Fixed my fan noise issue

  • Re: Fan / temperature issue

    Fan was ramping up-and-down every couple seconds. I watched a video on disassembling my H1 However I only needed to pop the top loose and move it to the side without disconnecting any wires. That gave me access to the fan. I then removed the 4 small phillips head screws and was able to lift the fan up and off to the side. After thoroughly cleaning the fan with Q tips I noticed that where the air enters the unit in the back it passes through Aluminum fins before hitting the fan. Those fins were completely plugged with dust and dirt. I then cleaned the fins with a small brush and reinstalled the fan and popped the cover back on and now the unit runs as it did when new. The operating temperature prior to cleaning was hovering around 70゚C and now It hangs around 57゚C with a very low speed. Hope this helps someone.

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