Intermittent connection

  • My MoGo Pro/Xplay is connected to a 2.4/5Ghz combined frequency WiFi 6 connection. It loses connection every 5 -10 minutes. It works after I toggle WiFI off & on. But isn't this ridiculous that a nicely built $550+ projector has a Beta software that has been commercially released!? Not to mention the lack of Bluetooth audio out from the get-go...Please look into this.

  • @zhimingmo
    Hi dear, sorry for the inconvenience.
    XGIMI tech team is working on Bluetooth out function. For now, we got the positive feedback that it could be updated via software and would update to all customers soon. We would have a beta test this week:)

    For the WiFi issue, we haven't got any feedback for that.
    Could you please restart your router and check if MoGo pro is on the blacklist of your router?
    Please also open the hot spot of your phone, then connect your MoGo pro with the phone's hot spot.
    Your feedback would be taken seriously by XGIMi team, please don't worry:)

  • @chloe-zhao i am facing the same issue with Mogo Pro too. It loses connection intermittently and i have to turn off and on the WiFi option on Mogo Pro.

    I tried both 2.4 and 5Ghz band but it is the same. Please look into the WiFi connection issue. Tks. It is hard to recommend this projector if it loses connection most of the time.

  • @BP
    Hi Dear, I'll confirm with XGIMI tech team and back to you here:)

  • @chloe-zhao Hi, is there any update to the wireless network issue?

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