5.1 HDMI Audio Source

  • Hi - just got mogo pro and any 5.1 audio source through hdmi just results in buzzing and crackling - have tried; iPad Pro, Apple TV and Amazon Fire stick. The fire stick works ok if you switch sound into stereo, but even then it sounds really bad.
    Did I get a back one, or is this a known problem - hopefully with a known fix?



  • Hi Dear, thanks for your feedback. Have you ever tried to switch the HDMI version to 2.0 and have a test?
    When plugging in HDMI cable- press "input button" on remoter to enter into HDMI page- press "shortcut setting" button on remoter- HDMI version- choose HDMI 2.0

  • Please download the 5.1audio sources to a USB disk and play on MoGo Pro.
    BTW, could you please also upload the 5.1 audio sources to YouTube and back to me with a link? We would test it on MoGo Pro.

  • @chloe-zhao -thanks for the response.

    Yes- I tried changing to HDMI 2

    No - I can't download the audio sources, but it can be re-created easily:
    1 - plugin either an ipad pro and play movies from iTunes, or
    2 - plugin an amazon UHD fire stick and play any movies - with the audio set to anything by stereo
    3 - plugin any generation of apply tv and play a movie

    All have the same effect and the audio is just crackles, hisses and pops.


  • @armesd
    Hi dear, have you set the audio as "always Dolby Digital” or “always Dolby Digital Plus”
    1 - plugin either an ipad pro and play movies from iTunes
    -- How about play videos on streaming video apps like YouTube? or Play some downloaded movies on your ipad?
    It would be great if you could share some videos for me to analyze.

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