Firmware for CC Aurora

  • Hello.
    The latest firmware for CC Aurora is V1. 2. 0.
    No firmware update has ever been released.
    Although there are many problems:

    • Youtube and Play Market,
    • Poorly working wi-fi,
    • The translation into Russian is terrible,
    • Problems with displaying the battery charge,
    • The Android5.1.1 system for 2021 is very outdated.

    All these problems and others have been discussed more than once in this forum.

    Your service team has been promising firmware updates for a very long time, but this remains only a promise from the release of the device. Nothing really happens. You promise not to leave the users, to solve the problem, but everything remains as it was, even worse.
    What was working stops working.
    When should we wait for the update?
    Will it ever happen?
    Or is this device forgotten and abandoned and waiting for nothing makes no sense?

  • It's very convenient not to answer questions, just ignore them!!!

    There is no answer to any question!
    A self-respecting company doesn't do that!

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