Netflix does not work

  • I just got the Halo and tried to download Netflix from xtv manager (this device not supported by the app) and from an apk file via thumb drive with the same message. How can I get Netflix installed?!? Please help!!!

  • @merk7 the one with black icon won't work?

  • I got xgimi halo a couple weeks ago. Netflix does not work still. Neither from google store nor from xtv. Itโ€™s saying error code either 13 or 14. When I try to update the device in about menu itโ€™s saying up to date. What can be wrong? Should I update low level firmware somehow?

  • @ioshepkov Hi,

    For the Netflix issue, have you ever updated the Netflix app?

  • @Ari hi, No.. I have two of them one from xtv and one from google store so which one should I update and how can i do that?

  • @ioshepkov please don't update them. The one with black icon is the correct app.
    I do suggest you to reinstall the Netfix app, just download the one in XTV manager.

  • @Ari : any prevision on when the new firmware will be released to fix the Netflix issue?

    I bought a Mogo Pro a couple of weeks ago, already knowing the Netflix issue but wanted to trust XGIMI for their endeavour to sort this issue out.

    I'm currently using Netflix through XTV Manager, but the mouse interface is not optimal.

    Anyway, apart from Netflix (which will be fixed, won't it?), it's a very good product! I'm very happy with it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • @pietro Hi Pietro,

    Great to know you do like our product.
    The Netflix issue is not a technical one, it's about the certification from Netflix side. We are working on the BD process with them, once we get the Netflix licensed by Netflix, we can add it in the play store directly.

    Before that, please use Netflix in XTV manager, we would surely keep optimizing that using experience as well.

    Also, you can join in our Facebook for daily discuss, customers might share their using experience there. . ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Halo group:
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  • @Ari said in Netflix does not work:

    The Netflix issue is not a technical one, it's about the certification from Netflix side. We are working on the BD process with them, once we get the Netflix licensed by Netflix, we can add it in the play store directly.

    OK, thanks! I will continue with Netflix on XTV manager in the meanwhile, hoping the certification process won't take long.

    @ioshepkov : you have to uninstall all Netflix apps you have already installed and reinstall it from XTV manager only. That worked for me.


  • @Ari can you please let us know what stage of the Netflix certification you are on? / What is currently preventing you from being certified? From what I've read, the following is required:

    • Widevine L1
    • HDCP 1.x
    • Netflix certification

    How much of this has been completed?

  • @ericmoolin same question here. It's been a year since I bought it and they never made any progress on Netflix certification. I really wish I could watch Netflix the same way any other Android TV does.

  • @ericmoolin Hi๏ผŒ sorry for the late reply. Please check the below info.:

    1. Mogo series have Widevine L1 installed, but it doesn't mean netflix supported. the device needs to get the related certification from apps' side to play their contents. Or the app would have copyright issue. It's the reason of netflix
    2. HDCP 1.4&2.2
    3. that's why we are still working on the BD process, trying to get the Netflix licensed on Mogo series. It's not for us to decide but we are always working on it. Here is the guide video of Netflix in XTV manager--temporary solution:

  • Hi there, just bought Halo and everything is awesome except of the Netflix issue. May I ask you if there is any estimation when the Netflix should run on Halo? I see you've been working on the certification for more than year, it's a bit strange. I will definitely try to push from the other side and ask NF support. Any information from Xgimi would be very appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks and take care.

  • Hi Team,

    just received the Xgimi Mogo pro, and I am surprise of two things :

    • hdmi quality
    • Netflix error 14

    can someone can help?

  • @chdupin
    Hi Charlotte, good day, sorry for the late reply.

    1. what happened to the HDMI quality? Please email to, attaching some more details, I'll check it at the earliest.
    2. For the Netflix, as I've mentioned earlier, we are working on the BD process. Before we get NETFLIX licensed from netflix side, we offer the temporary solution to it, please check the guide video:

  • Hi @Ari ,
    Do you have an approximate date of the possible arrival of netflix on the xgimi Halo?

    It becomes blocking for all

    thank you so much

  • @Dino Hi,

    Good day, thanks for your support.

    But sorry to say I can't promise that indeed. It's not for us to decide when Netflix will offer the certification for us, that's why we're still trying the BD process.
    But the support from loyal customers will surely expedite this process. Please stay tuned.

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