How do I create the backup of my QuickBooks files?

  • Creating data backup is essential to secure your files, and it becomes a non-negotiable factor when it comes to managing the finances. To backup QuickBooks online is one of the most crucial things to manage your finances and paying your taxes. The list of things that you can backup in QuickBooks are – invoices, estimates, sales receipts, payments, deposits, refund receipts, vendor credits, etc. The things that you cannot back up in QuickBooks are – QuickBooks online payment info, customer types and price rules, recurring transactions, reconciliation reports, delayed credits and charges, etc. The steps to backup data in QuickBooks online include.

    1.  Signing into the QuickBooks online advance company that you want to backup.
    2.  Now click settings and then choose the backup company option.
    3.  Click add a company and then select the company that you want to connect to.
    4.  The next step is to connect to the app by following the on-screen instructions.

    Click enable backup once the company you have chosen is connected.

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