What should I do to fix quicken error ol-332-a?

  • Quicken error ol-332-a usually takes place when you enter an incorrect customer ID or password in it. In order to fix it, you must make sure to check that the password is right or not. Some banks have additional instructions when it comes to the password like case sensitivity, a mix or letters and special characters and any other. See if you have re-entered the password correctly or not.
    It is also a possibility that you have stored a wrong password if you happen to use the password vault. To check it, you can refer to the steps mentioned below:
    · Select the one step update from the Quicken tools menu
    · When you see ‘Password vault password’, click on ‘Skip’
    · Make it a point to enter the password details manually
    · If you are able to connect without a problem then go to ‘Tools’, ‘Password vault’ and then ‘Add or edit passwords’
    · Enter the vault password
    · Choose the account for which you want to update the password and hit ‘Change password’
    · Make the changes and save it
    This is how you can fix the quicken error code ol-332-a.

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