How can I interface with ADB (Mogo Pro)

  • I am trying to interface with the ADB either over network (not an option on the Mogo Pro for some reason), or USB. I enabled USB debug and connected the Mogo with a type-A USB to type-A USB cable but did not have any success. Has anyone been able to use ADB on the Mogo or Mogo Pro?

  • @Ari are you able to source this information?

  • @Ari I care more about the answer to this question than the other topics I have posted about. ADB is most likely already an option for the Mogo Pro. Can you please provide instructions on how to interface with ADB on the Mogo Pro? Your technical team should have these instructions for you.

  • @ericmoolin Sorry for the late reply.
    I've checked with our tech team, seems you can do some basic setup indeed. Please check this: USB cable to PC, setup the ADB on your PC; enter the USB debug page and type in the command.
    For more details, please email to

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