Upper right part of image curves down

  • I’ve noticed this ever since setting up my Halo a few months ago, but I just never got to post about it. Specifically the upper right of the projected image slopes downwards, almost as if that part of it is occluded by something in the lens housing.

    On a projected 100” image, I would estimate that the missing part of the image is about two inches below where the actual top edge should be.

    Has anyone experienced this? I’m thinking I need to get this unit swapped out for another.

    (How do I post a picture of this? Does this forum not allow for images to be uploaded directly? Seriously? I have to have the image hosted elsewhere first?)

  • @Trancemission just to be clear — the three other corners are perfect. The edges other than this corner are also perfectly straight. So this is NOT a keystone issue where two opposite sides are not parallel.

  • @Trancemission Hi,
    Good day. Thanks for your support.
    Please put the projector on a flat surface, and adjust the Gyroscope calibration.
    If you still got any issues, please email to service@xgimi.com attaching the related pictures, I'll check it for you.

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