Resolve Quicken Error Ol-226-A

  • Quicken Error OL-226-A or 226 B occurs when you are either downloading new transactions, setting up an account, or sending payments online. The cause behind Quicken Error OL-226-A can be server outage or high traffic on the server. In most cases, the error will get fixed by itself. So, you basically don’t need anything but wait for a day at least. After 24 hours, check if the problem still exists and if it does, then try updating your Quicken software.
    To install one step update, first, click on the Online Menu and then click on Online Update Summary.
    Click More Info and then update.
    Click on Online Menu and then select One Step Update.
    Uncheck all options and select the Update Now option.
    Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the procedure.
    After updating the Quicken software, check for Quicken Error OL-226-A again. If the problem still persists, contact Quicken Support for assistance right away. Let IT professionals diagnose the root cause of your problem and fix it in a jiffy.

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