Using a Dolby Atmos sound issue

  • Can’t enable Atmos audio in Disney + app last update disables HRD and Atmos audio please help. Is there a way to uninstall the latest update 2.3.28 its fixes some stuff while breaking other. Finiding more and more issues:( going to contact support just wanted to ask the community as well

  • @salmanmunawar Hi,
    We've optimized the HDR issue in the last update. but for the audio, Halo support Dolby decode. Could you please be more specific about the Atmos audio issue?
    Please email to for more detail, I'll check it at the earliest.

  • With respect — xgimi dev team’s HDR optimizations means you can’t play content in HDR From youtube and Disney+... that’s not a solution...

    First example that “Optimizations” disables HDR
    In Disney+ app before the July update you saw HRD10 content. It was dim but it was using the HDR. After the update It defaults to HD video and standard 5.1 audio.

    Example 2
    Go to YouTube play any HDR Demo and enable nerd stats. Before the July update it would use BT 2020 codec after the updare it always uses BT 709. Which is not HDR.

    You can’t advertise that Halo supports HDR decoding...

    On the sound issue I bought Anker soundcore infinity pro which is Dolby atmos enabled soundbar but again go to Disney plus app you can’t play content in dolby atmos. After the July update its lock to HD Video and 5.1 audio

  • So Dolby atmos issue is kinda solved, while you can’t send Dolby Atmos from Disney+ with native App that is running on halo right now; you can use the hdmi port connected to pc/laptop with chrome browser. it worked with Dolby atmos, even in Netflix 🙂

    I would like to see it working without a pc in the mix but I guess maybe in future update...

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