July update fixes Hulu, YouTube and Disney+ issues but disables HDR...

  • @Ari Just got July update it seems to fix Hulu, YouTube and Disney+ issues which is great but content is not running in HDR BT2020 Color space. All HDR content is running in bt709. That seems to side step the HDR issue instead of fixing them. HDR support was one of the reason I got this projector pls fix the HDR color calibration meanwhile In the Facebook post a HDR Switch is mentioned where is that switch. Thoughts/Answer would be appreciated...

    alt text

  • If you own halo read this Great article https://www.passionhomecinema.fr/blog/index.php/25/04/2020/test-xgimi-halo-lavis-de-gregory/ to get the most out Halo...

    It’s in French work perfect with google translate 🙂

    Some take aways:

    Rec: 709 is covered about 115%
    Rec: 2020 is covered about 62% (important for HDR)

    Input lag important for games
    43ms better then most projectors

  • alt text

    Try this color profile for best results with REC 709 colors. Pls find away to turn on/off bt-2020. This way we can tweak it ourselves

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