Keystone adjustment

  • Just to make sure — the Halo has auto vertical but manual horizontal keystone adjustment, right? If so, I tested this feature by moving the unit off to the right side (about 30 degrees from center). It tried to auto adjust things, but it obviously doesn’t do the horizontal keystone. So I thought I could adjust it manually and while I figured out how to do so, I could not get the projected image to look even on both dimensions.

    What is the natural limit to how far to the left or right it can be and still produce an even/straight image? I am testing this with a 100” projector screen.

  • @Trancemission Hi, thanks for your support.

    Halo support auto vertical keystone and manual horizontal keystone indeed.
    For the auto-correction, you can try to turn the projector up/down.

    For the correct image, have you one the calibration? Could you please put the projector on a flat surface and adjust it again. system setup-projector settings- Gyroscope Calibration.
    PS: please make sure it's under the front projection mode.

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