Disney+ movies/shows are very dark/dim

  • So I received my Halo today and it’s been great. Setup was a breeze and everything felt snappy. There are a few minor quibbles, with perhaps the most serious being the very dark movies/shows across the board. No matter the show or movie, the presented video was always dark. I’ve heard/seen on other forums that many other devices (not limited to smart projectors) such as smart TVs often times have difficulty with interpreting HDR content. This is possibly caused by the Disney+ app itself. However, what I am surprised at is HDR is not one of the available features on the Halo, so shouldn’t it basically be unaffected by this problem? Of course there is some guessing here, so hence I am wondering what you guys are experiencing.

    I can certainly get the picture brighter by using the custom image mode. But as you know, jacking up the brightness causes dark scenes to appear washed out.

    Speaking of which, is there a way to keep the projector at the same BRIGHTNESS when solely on battery power? I find that even using BRIGHT mode while on battery power is almost useless.

  • I guess after reading around that someone has mentioned the HDR issue which was confirmed to be an “optimization” issue that the Xgimi team needed to work on. What there really should be is a way to use SDR. Can anyone please confirm that Halo actually supports HDR content?

  • @Trancemission Hi, thanks for your support.

    It's from the HDR effect indeed, and our tech team working on that now, please check it after the nest firmware update--July.

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    For the projector setup, when you unplug the power supply, the projector would lower the brightness a bit to ensure the battery life. You can still set it to 100% brightness under the customize mode.

  • Setting to 100% brightness when using battery power does not achieve the same results as if the unit is plugged in. The image looks a lot more washed out. I think there is a natural limit to how much brighter the image can be with the brightness adjustment if there is a hard cap on how many lumens can be output on battery power. Clearly when the unit is plugged in the full 800 lumens are used. On battery power it is definitely lower. It’s just too bad that there isn’t an option to not have this behavior/feature be user-adjustable. (Obviously if this existed users should be aware that they could burn through the available battery power quickly)

  • @Trancemission Hi,

    We set this to save some battery.
    it says 100% battery when you unplug the power supply, please switch to customize mode, and set to 100%, you'll see the difference.
    We'll surely keep optimizing the projector in the future update, please stay tuned. 🙂

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