A1 Firmware International Version

  • hi Xgimi team and fans,

    I got a A1 laser TV from a friend. however I just realized google play/netflix/youtue can not be installed and used with it.

    As I am not living in mainland China, most of the Chinese apps wouldn't work either.

    Wondering can anybody send me the international version of A1's firmware?

    Many thanks!

  • @xgimifans007 Hi dear customers, good to have you here.
    We currently have Laser tv Chinese version only, it can't be used abroad. So sorry to say there is no Global version of firmware.
    PS: Normally, we have Chinese version for Chinese customers and Global versions customers from other countries, since you would have different using habits.
    Thanks again for your support.

  • this is not true. I see people buying A1 in Hong Kong and obviously those are using google play/youtube which can't be available for Chinese versions.

    So there ARE international versions. If you guys dont wanna provide it, just let us know. It is not good to lie to your customers.

  • @xgimifans007 Hi,

    Please know we'll never lie to the loyal customers.
    A1 can be used in HongKong as well. And they shall know Chinese setup.
    There is no global version in the market indeed.

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