Still waiting Netflix update...

  • When will be released the update for use the Netflix app on Google Play????

    XTV manager and Netflix are working but optimization is not very good.....

    Please, the costumers need to know when it will be solved....... No Netflix, No party.... And also I am thinking in return the Halo to Amazon.... Because Android tv with Netflix was the second reason of purchase this device...

    Thanks for your support as always.


  • @elmugal Hi dear, thanks for your support.

    We are still working on the BD process. The optimization for Netflix in XTV manager can only be done in the firmware update, so please stay tuned.

    And sorry I can't the released date, as it's not for us to decide when to get the certification. But we've finished the BD process for Prime video, so Netflix might not be the problem with the support from loyal customers like you. Please have faith in us.
    Besides this, anything else for the Halo optimization?

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