Bluetooth headphone & USB input

  • Sometimes I need MoGo to stay quiet, and I only have bluetooth headphones. It's 2020, you already have a headphone jack, there's no reason you can't allow bluetooth headphones. Please fix this.

    Also I can't seem to play videos in my USB drive. What is the point of having a USB port and not allowing playing files inside USB drives? Now I have to go through a laptop with HDMI cable to access the files. Think about the use case where we travel with a MoGo and a USB drive, it could be so useful. HDMI cables are bulky and inconvenient for portable use, and isn't easy portable use the whole point of MoGo?

    Update: I found out I can install File Manager to access files in my USB. All good. Now if only we could have bluetooth headphone supported.

  • @jiang-ciao Hi dear, good to have you here.
    Mogo does support Bluetooth headphone, what your system version?
    Please check the guide video.

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