MoGo Pro Widevine L1 support?

  • Hello,
    Before I buy a 1080p projector I wonder if the MoGo Pro is supporting Widevine L1 to play content from streaming sources in Full HD?

    If not, are there any plans for a support in the future?

    Best regards

  • @jay-em-ass Hi Jay, good day. Thanks for your support.

    Mogo pro supports Widevine L1, but if you want some specific apps, you do need their certification still. Widevine L1 doesn't mean the ability to play videos from any contents.

  • @Ari
    Thank you for your quick reply! Got you. This means once there will be official Netflix support it will support Netflix Widevine L1?
    And Prime Video already supports Widevine L1?

    Best regards

  • @jay-em-ass
    Widevine L1 is supported on Mogo pro already, but to play the content from native Netflix & Prime video, the device still need the certification from Netflix & Prime video.
    And we have finished the BD process of Prime video, so now you got the native Prime video to watch.
    And we are now working on the BD process of Netflix. Before that, please try this way:

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