Halo - border out of focus issue

  • Hello everyone, in need of an expert here : )

    I recently bought Mogo Pro but I was disappointed with brightness, so I went for Halo which is clearly a step up in brightness and enough for me.

    But I noticed something I didn't with Mogo Pro, it's always slighlty out of focus in the left border.
    It's specially visible with texts, the text to the left is blurry while the center is perfect. It's hard to notice in the photo but I think you can check what I mean.

    Of course I tried everything I could to improve this by configuration means in Android TV.

    Could this be something expectable? I don't think so because right border is perfect, but I'm no expert, maybe as brightness goes up, some issues arises... Maybe it's a problem with my unit, should I return it?


  • @Ren06 Hi dear, good day. Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Could you please contact me via email-service@xgimil.com?
    Attaching some projected image of DOC files, I would check the focus issue for you. 🙂

    S/N please. :)

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