Halo black border after keystone correction

  • Is it normal to have a black light where the projection would have been after keystone correction? For example, I set my halo about 20 degrees off from center, resulting in a projection that is trapezoidal. After manual keystone correction, image is fine, but black light still fills the area where the trapezoid was.

  • Anche io ho lo stesso problema.... Come si può eliminarle l'alone nero intorno all'immagine?

    I also have the same problem .... How can you eliminate the black halo around the image?

  • @tico722000 Hi, thanks for your support.
    Halo is adopted with the digital keystone correction tech, we've been working to minimize the extra light, which happens to all DLP projectors. It shall be fine under the front projection, please stay tuned.

  • @Ari hi! Are you able to say that in future this will get better?

  • @Ari speravo ci fosse una soluzione... Purtroppo è un problema troppo evidente e fastidioso, spero in un aggiornamento

    I was hoping there was a solution ... Unfortunately it is too obvious and annoying a problem, I hope for an update

  • Hmm, I have the same issue - except I'm getting black bars even without any keystone correction (front projection mode, vertical keystone correction disabled as it's projecting perfectly horizontally).

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