Zoom Capability on Front Projection

  • Is there the capability to do Zoom on Front Projection Mode? Is it only available on Side projection mode? Can this ability be added in a firmware update? I want to put the projector on a deck railing and be able to adjust the size to fit a 100" screen that is not at the exact throw ratio for 100". I can't physically move the projector forward or backward, so need a zoom feature.

  • @nashuaslick Hi dear, thanks for your support.

    But the zooming function can only work under side projection. And to get 100-inch screen, image ratio-- 16:9
    The distance shall be 2.61 meters to get 100-inch screen: 2.214m*1.245m
    But would recommend 60-80 inches for the best image, which is 2.11meters at most.

  • @Ari Thank you. Is this possible in a firmware update?

  • @nashuaslick Sorry to say no, front projection&side projection and kind of on the opposite way--design logic method, so it can only be separated, so it's not just about just move the zooming function under other folders.

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