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  • Hello,

    I have an error when I try to run an app (molotov). " Molotov won't run unless you update Google Play services."

    My H2 is up to date (V1.3.3) so how can I update this Google Play services ?

    Thanks for your answer.

  • @Youri Hi,
    Thanks for your support.

    Sorry to say the google series are not supported on H2 global version due to the hardware limits, H2 has AOSP system, for more streaming apps, would recommend you to try fire tv box. We would keep optimizing the current system for a better using interface.

    And the lates firmware version is V1.3.3

  • You're speaking about google series or google services ?

    Molotov was working until yesterday, so google play services worked too.

  • @Youri Hi Youri,

    I mean anything related to google service, I call them google series. Since H2 has AOSP system, so the google service will not be supported.

  • I fond a solution, just install molotov atv (Android TV).

  • I have the same issue but I did not find the molotov atv app to load? only through google service or apple seems available. can you send the link please?

  • Hello xgimi,
    Any visibility on a firmware update date compatible with google services update on h2 global?


  • @simon Hi Simon, good day. Hope you and your families are all in good health. 🙂

    We can't apply google service in H2, it needs the support from both hardware & software, a simple firmware update can't solve this issue indeed. H2 has AOSP system which is different from the Google Android tv system.

    To get the best use out of H2, would suggest you to try the fire tv box for more streaming apps. Thanks again for your enduring support.

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