Xgimi H3 apk failure

  • Hi,

    I just got a Xgimi H3 and as a projector it work well and it stops there.
    It is super disappointing when come to support for Android apk .
    I managed to install a few apks for youtude, netflix, google play etc but none of it works.
    I also updated the software and it still doesn't work.

    Really disappointed with this H3 given the hype about Android apk support.

  • @ruiwx Hi dear, got your email about H3 as well, please check.

    And H3 has Chinese version only, so it can't be used abroad. Appreciate your understanding. If you are looking for a projector for Home using, would suggest you to check H2 global version or Halo: https://www.xgimi.com/en/home

  • Hi,

    I think that defeat the purpose of producing a H3.
    I would imagine the software/apk that H2 supported should be available in H3 given this is a newer product.
    For instance, I don't think other manufacturer will ask my to buy an older model as a workaround.

    Reading some of the post in the forum, I see that while there were lesser issues reported on hardware aspect of xgimi , the support for Android apk is a huge pain point for many people even for H2 or other models.
    Support for Android apk was supposed to be a big plus point as it will eliminate the need for other tv boxes or fire sticks etc.

  • @ruiwx We have different models for customers. You guys have different using habits with Chinese customers, so we would offer different products as well. Please stay tuned for more models in the future.
    I know about the software issues, so we've been working hard on the original system of H2, and more sources for built-in system like we've done for Mogo series & Halo.

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