Netflix > external Chromcast HDMI > Bluetooth Sound > glitchy sound

  • Hi all, i have the mogo pro, its a great device with a couple of Bugs which are hopefull fixed by Software Update soon.

    The internal Chromcast software from Android TV is Not working very well. Casting to it result in audio lag with many Apps probably Most important YouTube.

    The internal YouTube App doesnt have this problem but requires the remote.

    Internal VLC can Play everything from Network storage but Casting the Same content to Chromcast has audio lag.

    Now i connected a real Chromcast via HDMI. YouTube is working but Netflix creates Digital Sound glitches at the Bluetooth speakers. Ive read switching to stereo instead of Dolby will Work. But at Sound settings IT even sais that its using internal speakers.

    Oh well i got it to Work now, Not sure why...

    I booted the mogo pro, switched on the Bluetooth speakers.
    Chromcast was plugged Into a TV playing content.
    Now i Just removed IT from the TV and plugged IT Into the mogo, No more glitching Sound. I'll Report later If the Same issue still Happen.

  • Interresting Results now...

    I was watching a 45min TV series.
    Around 40min Into the Episode the Sound started to crack. Little Cracks in the Background and at intense scenes.

    Even more interresting, on the next Episode the Sound glitch is Back. I'll try to fix it via HDMI repluggin from a normal TV again

  • OK only replugging the HDMI result in No Sound.
    Even when replugged in the TV there is No Sound.
    Probably a drm issue...

    I was able to get Sound again by restarting the Episode while connected to TV and replug HDMI Into the mogo.

    But now i have Sound Cracks from beginning. Unwatchable again...

  • @lee Hi Lee, thanks for your support.

    You have Mogo pro? System version V2.1.55?

    So you were using HDMI -PC and connecting with external Bluetooth speaker at the same time?

  • @Ari hi
    Yes ive connected a normal Chromcast to the HDMI Port of the mogo pro and speakers via Bluetooth.

    The Problem still exist with Version 2.2.7x

    Ive also Made a Video i could Upload If you want to hear what Happens.

  • @lee Thanks, please attach it in the email to
    I would check it for you. 🙂

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