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  • Hello Xgimi Team,

    I have been using xgimi CC since an year now. I am unable to use VPN services on this device. I have a premium vpn connection from a service provider whose application is listed on the stock aptiode tv app, however it crashes and sometimes it even restarts the Operating system (sorry to report but its annoying). So my attempts to configure VPN with openvpn/kodi has also failed and took some time to realize that the ROM build does not have the necessary protocols. can something be done for this ?
    My serial number is ECG7JEFFERSG.
    Firmware version is GMUI V1.2.0. (Can I install the V1.2.3 ? ).
    Whats the requirement?eligibility for the upgrade. Is there a version log or imporvement commit to check what specifically has been improved ?
    Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day
    Best Regards,

  • @Pa1 Hi dear, thanks for your support.

    The lasted firmware for your CC is V1.2.0 Really sorry to say the VPN service is not supported indeed. May I ask where are you going to use the CC projector? It's global version in CC system which does not need VPN to activate the system.

  • @Ari . no vpn service? please say there is a way around this. I'm running v 1.23... can this support vpn?

  • @mr_t4278 Sorry to say but VPN is not supported yet. V1.2.3 is Hongkong version, but still global version, you can use anything as well. May I ask the reason?

  • @Ari for use with bonding app 'connectify', and nordvpn

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