H2 defect : white striped bands split screen

  • Hey guys, I'm not sure if i'm in the good place for my problem but I really need your help.
    I bought my xgimi h2 last november on Amazon.fr from Xgimi Direct and since Day 1, I get from time to time (everyday by now) a really annoying white striped horizontal bands (sometime lighter strips) on the right side of the screen. At first i thought it was caused by the keystone correction or somehow the position of the projector. But after testing a lot and factory reset a few time, I realised it was a bigger problem, for a thousand euros projector, getting this few times get really annoying from 30 sec to 5min and today was 10min).
    I also move from France to Germany and don't know if I can still return, I know about the 1 year warranty. Did someone ever saw this kind defect on H2, can I do something to eliminate this or should I return and spend maybe weeks without projector :((( I'm really desperate.
    Here videos of the problem (i've got tons of videos like these ones

  • @fabioluigi Hi dear, thanks for your support.

    For the stripes issue, it might be the chip issue, you can contact the service team o amazon for warranty process. May I ask when did you purchase it?

  • Hi @Ari , thanks for your reply. I bought my H2 last year on November 12th.
    If I return it, do you know how much time I might have to wait until I get a new one or at least a repair on this one?
    We don't have TV nor computer at home, that's why I waited that much time but the problem seems to getting worse with time.

  • @fabioluigi Yes, please contact us via service@xgimi.com
    We would follow up the warranty process.

  • This post is deleted!

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