Remote will not recharge

  • Bought an h1 and a color burned out in less than a year. ...wanted a h2 so just bought1 to replace h1 approximately 2/3 years ago ...remote battery went dead will not charge......... just found out cant do sh1t w/o do I replace remote....?..... not real happy with longevity of your products.....

  • @Will57 Hi Will, good day.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. So your H1 remote won't work right? Please use a needle to reset the remote, there is a small hole at the bottom of remote. If it doesn't work , you might need a new remote.

    BTW, please try xgimi assistant app on your phone, and use your phone as a remote to control the projector.

  • @Ari already tried the reset several times light on remote will not come on when plugged in...
    Also h2 must be on network before the app will work cant do anything without remote.......there are no controls on unit...also when I turn on projector will not boot no light no nothing....

  • @Will57 Hi will, please contact me via email:

    Attach with the S/N, I would check it for you.

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