Halo Open Issues - Any Updates?

  • I would like to add Disney+ dark/dull videos due to HDR. Games that support HDR also look very dark or washed out. HDR needs more attention/configuration on Halo.

  • @salmanmunawar Hi,

    HDR optimization is a long term process, we shall find a way to adjust the hdr effect, please stay tuned for the next update in July.

  • Fixing / better supporting HDR would be great since most new content from Disney+ and other streaming services takes advantage of HDR10. @Ari does halo support 10bit color? Or is it 8bit?

  • I also had a little trouble with hdmi port, it stopped switching to hdmi. After doing some research I reset Halo, had go through the setup process again but that fixed the hdmi currently set to 1.4. I generally use hdmi 2 to enable HDR content from gaming rig and PlayStation.

  • @salmanmunawar Hi,

    Halo support HDR decode, and we shall keep optimize the HDR effect in the future update as well.
    For the HDMI issue, please join in the Halo group for more details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/429334661330396/

  • Ok let see what July update brings. So far i am super happy with Halo. It is awesome!!! Highly recommended.

    One more question is there any step up program? When halo 2 comes out can you trade in halo for some credit toward the purchase?

  • vote + one
    especially for Netflix app from Play Store (navigation via "mouse" arrow on workaround is terrific)

  • @gol70 Sorry for the late reply.
    The Halo firmware has been released on 16th July, please check.
    And the netflix app, we are still working on the BD process, as it's not a technical issue. we need to get the certification to license it on projectors. Sure we would keep working on it, hope we can get it soon in future.

  • Netflix support would make halo the best all rounder projector 🙂 I hope xgimi can finish the BD process soon.

  • @salmanmunawar Yes, we got many feedback from customers, the NETFLIX is a long term process, but we'll keep working on the BD process. Hope we can get it at the earliest with the support from loyal customers like you.

    Have a nice day~

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