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    I am quite dissapointed. XGIMI H1 is a great product but any definitive solution to YouTube issues???

  • @juanma_werters Yes, youtube is not available due to the limits from google side, our team has been working on it already. And the smart youtube tv is the temporary solution to it, please be patient. 🙂

    And have you tried the smart youtube tv from aptoide?

  • Dear @Ari: when I buy a device that costs 700 euros I expect definitive and robust solutions, not patches or shortcuts that dont solve the problem itself.

    As told in my previous post, I really think XGIMI is a really good product and i would even buy it again but you guys definitely need to work on the software to make it really stand out.

    At the moment, what i do is screen mirroring from my iPhone to be able to use YouTube, but please, let me know when the problem is really tackled. This is not a real solution and I am afraid that the things you are suggesting neither.

    By the way, I noticed that AirPods cannot be connected to XGIMI, any feedback on this???

    Best regards

  • @juanma_werters Yes, and thanks for your enduring support. We have been working on the system indeed, that's why we have released the projectors with Android tv system. For H1, it needs the optimization on Hardware as well, that mean the limits can't be removed via a simple firmware update. So we have been working to optimize based on the currently system on H1. And sure I would update you all when it's finished. Please stay tuned.

    And the Airpods, you refer to H1, right? H1 has that function, and can you connect it before?

  • Dear @Ari: any idea of when you will update us about this?

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