H2 app download problem

  • Hi, there. I have problems with downloading google store app. At first, there is a notification asking “open with Aptoide” or “open with google store” also with choices of “always” or “just once”. I choose to open with Aptoide always. Then every time I try to open and install an app, it just jumps to Aptoide and says there is an error and please try again. I can’t install any app now. Can you please tell me how to go back and choose “open with google store always”? Thanks.

  • @yun Hi dear,Sorry for the delayed reply. We are on the Chinese New Year vacation, I'll have limited access to our system, so it would be a bit slower that usual.

    H2 has AOSP system, google series are not supported in H2 yet. If you want more apps, please install from aptoide or USB disk. Here are the guide video of USB installing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH8vJPHWNOM

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