Two H2 Problems

  • Hi, I just bought H2 global version. I really like it. But I find two small problems.

    1. The remoter sometimes does not work. The air-mouse function does not always work, sometimes goes away. So do up and down buttons.

    2. There are always a few seconds black screen before the picture, especially after I forward the video.

    Could you please help with the problems?

  • @yun Hi Yun, thanks for your support.

    1. the remote is connected via bluetooth, please keep it in the available range. And make sure your remote has enough battery.
    2. air-mouse function would be turned off if you don't use it for 5 seconds, thus to save the battery
    3. for the black screen, which app are you using? If possible, please attach me the related video, I'll check it for you.

  • Sent under the title "Two H2 Problems". Thank you. By the way, Youtube is the main app I have trouble with.

  • @yun thanks for your cooperation. checking. 🙂

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