Netflix, Prime Video, bluetooth (can not find any devices) and Airplay through wifi for iphone (not clear using air screen) on Halo

  • Will you fix these problems in the near future? If not, I am planning to return my halo.

  • @yun Hi dear, good day, hope you've had a nice weekend.

    We have been working on the BD process of Netflix, no projector or brand can play netflix content without the certification from Netflix, once finished, we would update you all then. For now, please download XTV manager from play store, you would see more options.

    Prime video, it's available to chromecast from your phone, and the BD process of prime video would be finished as soon, we would add the app in play store then.
    bluetooth out function, it would be added in the next firmware update which would be released in a few days, please be patient.

    For the airplay, android tv system is officially from google side, it's a android system, so it can't be perfectly verified with ios system, but we would surely optimize the mirroring function the future update, please stay tuned. thanks again for your support. 🙂

  • Thank you for your reply. By the way, when will H3 be released in the US?

  • @yun Hi yun,

    I haven't got any more details yet, would surely update you all if we do have any further plans.
    Have a nice day~

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