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  • Hi, I just get a superb Cc Aurora. But unfortunately I am not succeeding to make it work on Netflix and YouTube.

    I have read that it's a common issue but do you plan something?

  • Hi dear, happy new year.
    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Netflix is not supported on CC aurora yet, would recommend you to try the fire tv stick/ roku for now. 🙂 We are still working on the BD process.

    For the youtube issue, please download " Smart Youtube TV" from aptoide, you can use youtube again.

  • @Ari smart youtube app is not working as well. I have installed it and enjoyed youtube video content for 2 weeks. After that same problem, I.e. YouTube freezes and not responds. Are you planning to fix it???

  • @Ari thk for the reply. But it's bad news. I purchased this device because it was autonomous, if it's to add another stick on it... Better buy a simple projector.

    When do you plan to release an update with this DB problem solved ?

  • @Russel Hi Russel, sorry for the delayed reply. May I ask the version of Smart Youtube Tv?

  • @Yann Hi, sorry for the delayed reply.

    The fire tv stick is just an option for more streaming apps. If you prefer a better using experience, you can check our new product- Mogo pro- official google android tv system & 1080P image:

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