Youtube issue on XGimi CC Aurora

  • @Vladener85 Hi, thanks for your support.

    I've replied to your email box, please check. 🙂

  • @Vladener85 said in Youtube issue on XGimi CC Aurora:

    @chloe-zhao : can you please help me out with my aurora Cc? I made an update from YouTube and now I get the warning message:" This product is not a xgimi official international version product, so the international firmware is not proper functioning". what can I do? How can I use the projector normally? Can I do another software update? Where can I find the download firmware? Machine Name: CCM3KE9BEXWG. Thank you!

    Hi @Ari, i have the same issue, machine serial number is: CJTCHJD5ERST.

    I'd appreciate any help! thanks!

  • Guys, I suggest you download the app Stremio instead of youtube and Netflix.
    It works wonderfully and has a much better library!

  • @chloe-zhao how long do you actually need to update?
    I mean your last answer was six months ago !!!!

  • @Micha123 Hi Micha, good to have you here.

    There is no newer firmware for CC yet.

    For the system issues, there are more limits for android based systems, so less apps are available now. But in order to get those apps fixed, we need to change the software and hardware support at the same time. We can't ask all customers to return their projectors, as we did sell projectors around the world.
    That's why I suggest to try the tv stick for more streaming apps.
    For the youtube issue, we shall find a way to optimize it but it does take more time as the limits are growing as well.:( Appreciate your understanding.

  • When will be a new system update?? I've got it months ago and I literally stopped using it bc the system is so bad and not working with all this issues.

    Please make a new update or give us a different product that actually works

  • @Danieltzfr never!

  • Hi @Ari

    Several month left since I first time wrote here, as far as I can see there is still no movement. So could I just send back my Xgimi CC to company which made this and they return me the money I paid? That's not funny really.

  • @shal That's right, I haven't been able to laugh about it for a long time, I think nothing more comes and we are no longer perceived as customers.
    The bad thing is you can't even get rid of the device on Ebay because it doesn't do what was advertised when we bought it.
    I have never experienced that very bad, in any case it will be my last device that I bought from XGIMI.

  • In the YT TV, I do not see any type of this...

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