Youtube issue on XGimi CC Aurora

  • Hi, I have an issue with Youtube App on XGimi CC Aurora. Recently it stoped working, i.e. not responding, freeze and error popsout. how i can solve this issue?

  • @Russel For YouTube issue, please kindly download "Smart YouTube TV” from Aptoide.
    BTW, we are working on the firmware optimization, stay tuned.
    Any unclear, feel free to let me know.

  • Thx for advice. I have downloaded App, and enjoyed YouTube videos for 2 weeks. Now the app has same problem, it freezes and not responds. I think there is large software update needed. No app is working: netflix, ivi, megogo. Something wrong with the operating system. What should I do?

  • @Russel Hi Russel, may I know the version of Smart youtube TV?

    please attach the error page as well.

  • Same problem and chrome also stopped working. Once I download the YouTube from google play store.. it's not opening either.

  • Any idea when the firmware updated version will be released?

  • @hari Hi Hari, you mean smart youtube tv? or ?

  • So I read this through and really wonder what answers come from support.
    As if you shouldn't know that no You Tube app works in the global version !!!
    In the forum at that time it was already promised that one would work on it, that was a good six months ago and I was wondering if there would be anything else.
    You Tube doesn't run in Kodi either, and you know that very well. The browser works more badly than right and the store of the device that is open and as described, the apps that are there, of course, You Tube does not work either, these are bugs without end, because in the Google Play Store you can not log in with this anyway Device and you will never be able to.
    I don’t want to talk about Netflix at all. You won’t get it because of the license. It’s just “sad”.
    Maybe you sold too few devices globally so that it doesn't matter to Euc, you just sit out.
    Nothing creative and innovative as described on your website is left of it, at least not from the Aurora CC.
    Of course you can still stream with the device via a stick but if you say as a solution you should buy the Mogo Pro then I wonder what's going wrong.
    So now I just want to know whether something is done or modified so that the device works as described as I or we bought it, because you can at least ask for it and most manufacturers do it if they are good and are innovative.

  • Hi @Ari
    I'm experiencing the same problem, and telling the truth it's really annoying. So it looks like not a common problem? But I personally think it's not, everyone who has CC Aurora got it. Smart Youtube TV doesn't work either, just a spinning wheel. No errors reported in UI, just it.

  • @shal Hi guys, cause CC system is based on the Android system which is called AOSP, Google side is setting more limits for android based system. It's a common issue indeed. But please don't worry, I have forwarded it to our tech team, please be patient.

  • Hello admin
    Google's Android is also based on AOSP.
    I just want to know what will happen now because you reported the problem!
    So slowly a solution has to be in sight or should I sell my Aurora now because you can't get it in order?

    We need solutions, or take our devices back, then I would buy another projector.

  • @Micha123 yes, but now AOSP is different from Google official android system. And as I have mentioned, smart youtube tv is just a temporary solution for some customers. Our tech team would be working on the youtube issue and fix it in the next firmware update, we shall need more time for this.

  • How far are we with the update so that the Aurora CC plays YouTube again? said you need time to adjust the firmware, how long will it be this year? We need an update and we don't promise, we want to know when something happens.

  • @Ari Hi! I have the same problem with XGimi CC Aurora YouTube error. SmartYoutube offeers to download some apps while starting and... doesn't work also.
    Please! Do something to solve this problem and update CC Aurora firmware!

  • @Grazer Hi guys, sorry for the delayed reply. Please know we are working on this issue indeed. Our team would soon offer a new youtube app for you to try. It's still in the testing process, please be patient.

  • @Ari hey I just bought this projector and so excited but it won’t connect to any streaming apps. Or through my phone. It’s a projector is should be able to project what’s on my phone screen no matter the app. Why won’t this work. I’m in a common wealth country and we are free to use the internet as we
    Please. Also it’s 2020 this what everyone uses. And if they don’t work why would you sell them to international countries.

  • Come on guys! We all waiting for the firmware update! Please!

  • @hillaryfilip Hi dear, thanks for your support.

    CC aurora has aosp system which would have some limits. 😞 but you can still do the screen mirroring via happy cast.

    May I ask have you checked our new product--Mogo series? They have offical android tv system and chromecast function, which alllows you to connect with other devices as well.

  • @Ari why would checking out a new product help me with the one I’ve purchased and spent 100’s of dollars on? So unless your offering it to me for free it’s irrelevant to This situation seeing as I’ve had mine for less then a week.
    And yes when using the mirroring feature it also won’t load any of the streaming videos. It just says error code : ffffd8f0-0.

    It’s literally pointless for its price mark.

  • @Ari there’s also another error code with amazon prime code 1- 00000002

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